Medusa MosaicMore than just a book, TIMELINE: ANCIENT ROME is an ancient Roman history guide especially designed for you to use on electronic devices such as iphones, ipads, laptops and computers. It’s innovative and attractive design allows the user to skip and scroll to any particular era in ancient Roman history, from the very beginnings to Ca. 600 CE, and find authoritative and credible information pertaining to important and interesting ancient events, as well as view an array of extremely beautiful images chosen to enhance the reading.

Featuring dozens of high resolution images of actual artifacts, ancient Roman coins, and a plethora of some of the most gorgeous artwork ever produced by humankind, TIMELINE: ANCIENT ROME is as beautiful to look at as it is engaging to read.

Extensively researched and up to date, the guide provides every student, scholar, or intellectually curious person with an essential and beautiful resource that you can enjoy and refer to for their entire lifetime.



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