eBook | Queen Cleopatra: The Real Story

A detailed history of Queen Cleopatra VII of Egypt, illustrated with art history and archival resources. Includes primary source bibliography.

You can download by clicking here: Queen Cleopatra VII: The Real Story

Poem | A New English Translation of the Recovered Fragment of Cornelius Gallus

A free public domain English translation of the most recently discovered ancient Roman poem in the world (1978)! Everyone who loves poetry will want this download!

Believe it or not, this ancient Roman fragment of poetry, from one of the ancient Roman republic’s most famous poets, is about Volumnia Cytheris Lycoris, and was found only recently, in the year 1978. I have put my English translation of it in the public domain.

You can download it by clicking here: The Recovered Fragment of Cornelius Gallus

News Article | ‘Ancient Black Civilizations Matter’ – Brand New Book, Explores Black Lives in Classical Civilizations and Embraces the Healing Power of History

I was delighted that hundreds of news media sites published the press release announcing the publication of this important book. Here is a copy of the article as it appeared in The Daily News, Galveston County, Texas, March 16, 2021. THANK YOU to all concerned for this wonderful attention to the book!

Click here to download a copy of this news article

News Article | New book ‘The Modern Prometheus: Why the 21st Century Intellectual Must Be Fearless to Succeed’ ravages cancel culture using ancient and modern philosophy

This article appeared in over 300 U.S. news media sites, as well as Mexico City, Germany, and the Middle East News Network. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Here is a copy as it appeared in The Philadelphia Tribune, December 21, 2021. I was very happy to see a philosophy book receive so much attention!

Click here to download a copy of this news article

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