eBook | Queen Cleopatra: The Real Story

The truth of history’s most famous ancient queen is assuredly more fascinating than the fiction, meaning that if you are an aficionado of Cleopatra, an instructor giving a lesson, or a student wanting to ace a project, you will not want to miss this biography, based upon the actual ancient primary sources. Professionally cited and lavishly illustrated, this 11 page free.PDF is sure to entertain, inspire, and educate. You can download by clicking below:


Poem | A New English Translation of the Recovered Fragment of Cornelius Gallus

Believe it or not, this ancient Roman fragment of one of the ancient Roman republic’s most famous poets, is about Volumnia Cytheris Lycoris, and was found only recently, in the year 1978. I have put my English translation of it in the public domain. You can download it by clicking below:


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